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Take a look at our short list below and find the time to rewatch an old fave or discover a brand new one. Health, United States, 2007, with chartbook on trends in the health of Americans. Melillo KD, Williamson E, Houde SC, Futrell M, Read CY, Campasano M. Perception of older Latino adults regarding physical fitness, physical activity, and exercise. Heesch KC, Brown DR, Blanton CJ. Perceived barriers to exercise and stage of exercise adoption in older women of different racial/ethnic groups. Center for Disease Control and Prevention Socioeconomic status of women with diabetes—United States, 2000. The findings of this study need to be considered carefully in light of its limitations. First, as the sociodemographic characteristics of the participants indicated, the participants tended to be a select group of Hispanic women and did not represent all sub-ethnic groups of Hispanic midlife women.

Here, there’s something called the Hora Latina, which is an hour later than the set time. Basically, whatever time you decided on, there’s a chance that she’d arrive a few minutes to an hour later.

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for me to be with a woman that likes to take care of me in all aspects. During my first month dating Janelle, she cooked latina brides me homemade enchiladas with a special salsa. After the first bite, I knew I had to marry this beautiful Latina woman.

Also, with the data collection process using the online forum, we might not have obtained theoretical saturation because the interactions were asynchronous. Although the online forum administrators monitored the online forum site at least twice a day and posted their feedbacks as promptly as possible, the participants did not come to the site frequently to respond to the questions/comments posted by the administrators.

I understand this is what society has told you to expect from us, but it’s time to start actively resisting these expectations. Because we all stand to benefit from relationships and connections that allow us to be who we are and ask for what we need instead of falling back onto outdated roles. As a bisexual woman, I want and need to know that you’re not biphobic or homophobic before I can begin to feel comfortable around you.

At the initiation of the online forum, we gave the participant her user ID and password to login to the online forum site. Then, we posted the online forum topics in a serial manner, and reminded her by email whenever we posted a new topic. At the completion of the online forum, we asked the participants to add more topics that they wanted to discuss with the other women. Although the participants added no topic, the participants provided some feedback on the study. The settings included both Internet communities for midlife women and Internet communities for ethnic minorities that have been reported to be effective research settings or medium for studies in midlife women (Barrera et al. 2002; Im et al. 2008a). We recruited the participants of the larger study through 2,309 ICMWs and 4,421 ICEMs that we contacted to announce the study. Through the announcements, we asked potential participants to visit the project website if they were interested in the study.

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She worked tirelessly to insure farmworkers received US labor rights and co-founded the National Farmworkers Association with Cesar Chavez. No matter how diverse their cuisines are, one thing’s for sure, they love it very spicy. One way she might try to impress you is to make you some home-cooked meals. Besides, she would more than make up for the tardiness by arriving super dressed and glammed up to perfection. However, your Latin date will mind being early next time if it really matters to you. In the West, being late is considered rude, but you may have to be more open to a bit of tardiness when you’re in Latin America.

Of course, she couldn’t have anticipated that her ex-boyfriend whom she hasn’t seen in a decade would show up unannounced, derailing what would have been a perfect weekend with her family. Helped along by her loving family, Clara will have to choose between going back to the past or open her heart to new and unexpected possibilities. Southwest of Salem is a fascinating true crime story that puts the trial of the San Antonio Four in context of their ongoing search for exoneration. In the 1970s and 1980s, Mexico’s burlesque culture was at its disco-era heyday. The clubs were filled with beautiful women who razzled and dazzled. Decades later,Beauties of the Night introduces us to five of those former showgirls who recount their lives in the spotlight and give us a glimpse of what they’re up to nowadays. Shot over eight years, María José Cuevas’s documentary is a thrilling look at these exotic dancers who continue to search for the love and adoration they got on stage all those years ago.

She was tipped to be the next Madonna, but tragically her career was cut short when she was shot by the president of her fan club over a dispute over the latter’s embezzlement of Selena’s company money. On the posthumous release of her last album, a nation mourned the death of this lost talent. “We shall overcome”, sings Joan Baez, legendary folk singer, at the March on Washington for civil rights in 1963. “We are not afraid today, oh deep in my heart I do believe, we shall overcome someday”; Baez lived by these words, as a passionate spokesperson for the anti-war effort, a civil rights activist, and a powerful, unforgettable singer-songwriter.